Best Practices for Making Sales on LackawannaMarkets.com

Providing us with the following items will make converting our visitors to your customers much easier!



Shoppers are attracted to brands they recognize. Provide us with a high quality logo or symbol that represents your company! We will use that on the front part of your profile to gain awareness around your brand.



Shoppers want to see the fabulous goods you have to offer! Provide us with at least 4 photos of the items you sell in a variety of styles and angles. These can be product shots or collections of items that you sell.


Online Store

Shoppers want to browse your products and prices on their own before making a purchase decision. Provide us with a website or Facebook shop that allows for easy online checkout in order to convert customers quickly.

1. Will there be an in-person market?

As it stands today in light of the Covid-19 pandemic we we are not planning an in-person market at this time. However we are exploring our options for a Winter Market.

2. What is www.LackawannaMarkets.com?

LackawannaMarkets.com is an online directory showcasing North Eastern Pennsylvania’s Makers, Creatives and Small Businesses.

3. What can a Small Business Expect?

The Businesses searchable online profile will be listed and linked to their social media profiles, website, etsy and/ or e-commerce shops. Each listing will include your logo, a photo of the product(s) and a short description of your business.


4. How will customers find our shop?

LackawannaMarkets.com will be heavily advertised through extensive marketing on social media, radio, billboards and other media throughout Northeastern PA. Introducing shoppers to your products and services.


5. How do we sell our stuff?

Your business will be responsible for all sales and transactions with shoppers.


6. What are the different “Markets”?

There will be a Summer, Fall and Winter campaign for the rest of 2020. Each campaign consists of multiple months, giving the business an opportunity to participate in that markets theme.


7. Am I guaranteed sales from LackawannaMarkets.com?

LackawannaMarkets.com is not in charge of the checkout process so we cannot guarantee sales. We offer heavy promotion that introduces customers to talented small businesses. Conversion will be up to the customer and we encourage our vendors to provide an easy route for customers to checkout. Please view our recommendations above on how to best convert customers through your profile on LackawannaMarkets.com!

Anthracite Events goal is to continue to do our best to bring as many shoppers as possible to your creative, handmade and creative small businesses as we have with our in-person markets.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
Anthracite Events