Become a Market Vendor


🌟10×10 tents will be provided

🌟Please Set up by 4:30 PM

🌟Payment secures your spot

🌟First Come First Serve

🌟Rain or Shine

Lackawanna Markets will be back on Courthouse Square this year for the monthly First Friday Art Walks! With live music joining us by:

  • June 3-Jim Cullen, Jack Bordo & Sharon Ambrozia
  • July 1-Dani-Elle Kleha
  • Aug. 3-Justin Padro Trio 

Registration is Due 2 weeks before the event to secure places and printed marketing. 

$25 per Friday 

We ask that you please choose 2 preferred dates, we cannot guarantee the first choice each time. 


NEW For 2021, In accordance with the New City of Scranton Event permit process please register your business with the single tax office in Scranton. Any questions please contact: 570-963-6756

Click Here for the Registration Form

Tents will be spaced appropriately according to CDC Guidelines and hand sanitizing stations will be provided. Please make all attempts to follow all current CDC guidelines when conducting your business.


  • All items must be produced/made by the exhibitor, or the character of the item must be substantially altered or embellished by the exhibitor. Items sold must reflect what is represented on the application and in supplemental photos. If you are unsure of an item, please ask. (Example: We do not allow “home party” type merchandise to be resold by a third party.)
  • We reserve the right to remove a vendor who does not follow these guidelines.
  • This application process does not include any guarantee of exclusivity to exhibitors.
  • The exhibitor must accompany their work and agree to demonstrate a professional and courteous attitude towards staff, visitors, and fellow exhibitors. Any exhibitor unwilling to comply with the guidelines may be asked to leave the Market without a refund. Violators will not be allowed to return for future shows.
  • All displays must remain entirely within the space provided. Aisle space must not be infringed upon. Storage must be covered and out of sight. Floor-length table skirts are required.
  • Early breakdown of booths is prohibited. No “End of Show Sale” signs are allowed. Booths must be left clean and trash-free.
  • FOOD VENDORS: All food vendors must have all necessary licenses and insurance to participate in this event. A copy of all required documents must be submitted as part of the application process.
  • You may not sell your space or share it with a non-registered exhibitor without the prior approval of Anthracite Events.
  • Vendor space will be secured following notification and payment.